ISS/Aramco one-day seminar on “Inspection, Testing and Certification for Electrical Inspectors”

19 - 10 - 2016
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It is a great honor for ISS material lab which participated as a “speaker & vendor representative” in “One-Day Seminar on: Inspection, Testing and Certification for Electrical Inspectors” held at Saudi Aramco Abqaiq plant on 19th Oct. 2016. The seminar was attended by representatives from 18 different Saudi Aramco Inspection Departments and 85 attendees from various inspection disciplines, engineers, maintenance personnel, Inspection Department.

ISS was appreciated by Aramco Inspection Supervisor Abqaiq plant (Mr. Zaki H. Al-Sowayigh).

(I would also like to state my deepest appreciation to all personnel who did the excellent preparation and contributors for their dedication and hard work: starting from ICU Secretary, Zainab A. Ramadhan;  event planners:  Ahmad Zahrani and Shaj K. Manjalivalapil; all the ICU presenters: Ammar Eithan, Hussain H. Al-Faifi, Hadi Y. Al-Kuwaiti, Felipe T. Alcala, Elchin Kheyirov; from SAOO TSD, Mohammad A. Shaikh; Vendor presenters: Aurangzeb Ghulam Ghulamnabi of ISS; event facilitator, Mohammad A. Aswani; and all ICU inspection personnel who assisted in this event: Mohammad H. Al-Shami, Mohammad Y. Omari, Khaled D. Althagafi, Hussain A. Alhajji and Abdulrahman H. Alessa .)