Gulf heavy Industries Co. (GHI) is part of Al-Bassam Group of Companies, which is one of the first private conglomerates in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

GHI formerly known as Gulf Engineering Company was established in 1984 as one of the largest specialized heavy steel fabrication company in the Middle East region with two (02) manufacturing locations in Jubail Industrial City of Saudi Arabia

First one is situated near HADEED with total area of 30,000 M2  and

Second one in Royal Commission Area with total space of 38,000 M2

GHI has following Registrations:

  • Licensed by the Ministry of Industry No .312/S
  • Registered with Ministry of Commerce under CR No 2050014532
  • Registered with Chamber of Commerce & Industries under member-ship No.3219/2

Business Functions

GHI is engaged in the manufacture of Pressure Vessels, Columns, Reactors, Boilers, De aerators, Dryers, Silos, Storage Tanks, Site erected tanks, Structural & Piping for Oil & Gas Sectors, Chemical & Petrochemical plants , De-Salination & Power plants in Kingdom and outside Kingdom projects.

GHI also manufacturers all type of heat exchangers like shell & tube heat exchangers ,API Heat Transfer ,Plate & Frame heat exchanger ,Air cooled heat exchangers , PHE ,Thermal Systems etc.

GHI undertakes Re-Tubing repair / modification & maintenance of Pressure Vessels, Columns ,Piping , Heat Exchangers etc . and is an approved vendor of M/S SABIC and its affiliates with Vendor ID:500017 ,Saudi Aramco Registration No. 10012705 ,Marafiq Registration Vendor No .63 , SCECO Registration No.1932 ,SASREF Contract no : MSM -04/016.

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  • Site Fabrication, Installation and Supervision equipped with required machineries by  skilled personnel for all kinds of Pressure Vessels, Columns, Reactors, storage    tanks etc.
  • Re-Tubing & Maintenance Services for All types of Heat Exchangers & Boilers.
  • Repair and Refurbishment Services of Storage Tanks including Tank bottom replacements etc.
  • Fabrication/ Repair/ Maintenance Work for Shutdowns.
  • Plate Rolling, U-Tube Bending, Sections and Pipe Bending, Drilling, Shearing, Bending and Press Brake Work.
  • Heat Treatment – At GHI Works using Furnace of Size: 8 M Wide x 8 M High x 12 M Long. At site using local heat treatment by electrical heating.
  • Largest Rolling Machine in the Middle East which can be rolled the plates up to 200 mm  thickness.
  • Shutdown & Maintenance jobs.